Memento Mori

What if, one of the secrets to happiness is actually thinking about death?

Bhutanese, one of the happiest people, contemplate a lot on death.

Stoics always remind us to remember Death – Memento Mori

Some Latin American cultures have colourful festivals to celebrate their dead.

As morbid as it may sound, it does make sense to acknowledge and think about Death. Humans respond to fear through avoidance. Facing your deepest fear, thus, should reduce some anxiety around it.

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time

Mark Twain

Celebrate and embrace death? Why not?

On Compassion

It is compassion, the most gracious of virtues,
Which moves the world


In the era of engineered anger, compassion seems to have taken the back seat.

Compassion does not mean subservience or giving up something for others. Compassion means accepting and tolerating the others as they do us.

But power lies in dividing, gaslighting and riling people. Politicians and profiteers have effectively been using anger and fear as tools to their benefit.

Give compassion a chance.

On Writing More

As a challenge to myself, I am going to write every day this month.


I realise my writing needs a lot of improvement, and I am hoping this challenge will help me get into a habit of writing more regularly.

Seth Godin believes writing regularly (every day is what he recommends) is a key habit for one to succeed in life. Apparently, writing regularly not only helps in improving your written word, it also helps you think clearly, come up with better ideas and so on.

So, I am going to write every day this month. No matter how short or how pointless.

See you on the other side.

Less is more

Studies after studies have found that people who focus on too many things at a time usually fail at most of those.

Our brain is a very busy centre of activities. Obviously, the top priority is usually to keep the body alive. Followed by a hundred other decisions we have to make each day just to get by.

And then, there is this barrage of information that is thrown at us every day. This only makes the situation worse.

Unfortunately, we have limited amount of time and energy. The human brain just cannot afford to focus on too many things at once.

The only solution to being effective is to do reduce the number of things and to do them well. Focus on what is important.

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, you achieve more if you focus on fewer things.

Less is more.