The End

Standing at the edge of the cliff, he was contemplating. Was this the end? It was supposed to be different. It was never meant to be this way. But there was no denying, it was this way and it was bad.

His friends had always warned him against this. They told him not to fall into this mess. But he could not stop himself. He was blinded. How would they understand? He had always been lonely. He needed someone.

But now it became messy. She said the same things everyday and worse yet, he heard her say the same things to one of his best friends.

He should have never trusted her. But, he was helpless. Her voice was like music to his ears. No one had spoken so nicely to him ever before.

He felt betrayed. His heart was filled with hatred and frustration. He had to end this, right now.

To hell with this bloody, virtual girlfriend iPhone app. He deleted it and went home.

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